Looking for a Producer, Director, Creative Director/ Designer, Screenwriter, Copywriter...Do you need a competent, experienced, affordable freelance creative design studio? That’s where Metagene Media Company comes in!!

Everything from Webisodes, Interactive Video's, E-Learning and Video Games. We've created successful projects for Intel, Microsoft, Disney, Zero Gravity, Kellogg's, Dubai Tourism and The United States Department of Defense. Let's talk television and film for a second. We've Produced Television Show Pilots, Television Show Specs, and Sizzle Reels; Reality Shows to Scripted Dramas, Animation and Kid's Shows. Films? We've produced them with budgets in the hundreds of thousands range to the millions. Mitch has sold two spec screenplays, Miami Kill's Me and A Reason to Die; while also selling specs/ story ideas for television shows; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Stargate SG1, Star Trek Voyager, Superboy, Swamp Thing and others.

We've successfully created and produced corporate projects, the likes of internal video's, training videos, brand synergy, social media marketing campaigns and rich media. Our clients here include Bad Robot Productions, Disney, Intel, Kingfisher Air, Zero G, Kellogg's, MSN and others.


DUNS #: 829571947
NAICS Codes: 
512110  Video production and distribution, Video Production, Motion Picture and Video Production, Instructional Video Production, Television Commercial Production, animated cartoon, television
512191  Video post-production services



  • Big, million dollar projects, to smaller corporate jobs; we have experience putting all of these types of gigs together. We have local crew ready to go, vendors and equipment. We can break out scripts, establish schedules, location scout and deliver your project from development to delivery.


  • We can handle any writing gig; narrative design, screenwriting, copywriting, ghostwriting, E-learning, training videos, script rewrites, commercials, marketainment, rich media, video games, corporate videos.

CREATIVE DIRECTING (Concept to Screen)

  • Developing projects in Rich Media, Brand Synergy, Interactive learning/ Distance learning, Immersive Project Designs, Transmedia, Virtual Reality & Television Pilots.

DIRECTING (single camera to multiple)

  • Film Productions (16mm, 35mm, Digital, High Def (Red Camera), 4K
  • Television
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Internet Shows
  • Rich Media
  • Brand Synergy

PRODUCTION (various budgets low to high)

  • E-Learning
  • Film & Television
  • World Creation
  • Technical, Commercial
  • Video Game, Immersive Website & Transmedia development
  • Rich Media
  • Social Media, Brand Synergy


  • Multiple projects with various elements including programming, animating on video games, interactive learning, brand synergy; including overseas coordinating.