Do you need a competent, experienced, affordable creative design studio for corporate branding and training? 

You've landed on the right cloud. Metagene has been designing and developing corporate projects and original training concepts since 2007. We've worked for a number of Fortune 100 companies and Government Agencies including; Kellogg's, Microsoft, Intel, Virgin America, Zero Gravity, New Balance, Disney, The United States Department of Defence and The United States Marine Corps. 

You're here to check us out and see what we've been up to; to make sure we are a company you can trust. I can tell you we are, but I'd rather let our portfolio of work and recommendations speak for themselves. We want to deliver above and beyond the best work to you, our clients, heck that's the only way to keep our reputation as great as it is. We only hope that we go so far above the bar, you want to tell all of your associates. But wait, we not only shoot video, we also have a niche market when it comes to building ONLINE COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGNS.

So get in touch with us to set up a time we can chat and hear what you have in mind. EMAIL ME

We have a distribution model for ONLINE COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGNS nobody else can offer! 

There are a great number of internet marketing firms here in the Central Florida area, but we do something nobody else does. We offer an average Return on Investment of $3.00 for every $1.00 spent; does that sound like a good deal? We do this by leveraging the power of the web, social media and creative design!! If you are interested get in touch so we can discuss this opportunity in person EMAIL ME

Are you in need of a fantastic Creative Consultant? Not sure how to drive more eyes, ears, and money to your brand? 

Do you own your own business and your finally looking to invest in growing your brand?

Have you decided to spend some hard-earned budget on advertising but your not sure where to go?

Do you think you need to upgrade the public view of your brand?

With over 25 years in the entertainment and creative industry, I can assist you in figuring out what avenue will work for you to drive clients to your brand. Maybe it's utilizing social media. Perhaps you can utilize your current online presence but add to it. Maybe you need to create some solid commercials for local advertising? I'm not going to try and sell you video services if that's not what you need, I'm going to look at your brand and help you decide where your marketing and advertising dollars would be best spent. After working for brands such as Virgin America, Sprint, Intel, Disney, Kellogg's, MSN, multiple upcoming bands and start-ups, I know I can help you boost your brand recognition.

Reach out to me and let's get together. EMAIL ME


DUNS #: 829571947
NAICS Codes: 
512110  Video production and distribution, Video Production, Motion Picture and Video Production, Instructional Video Production, Television Commercial Production, animated cartoon, television
512191  Video post-production services