Whatever your needs, you want your project to be successful. You want viewers, maybe recognition for a brand, possibly to reach a whole new audience.

Anyone looking at your media project, no matter the format, should be drawn to the content and story presented. You want it to elicit and emotional response from those viewing it. From video games to films, to brand synergy; these all give the viewer something to feel. These days even E-learning and marketing utilize telling a story, drawing the user further into the experience.

Creating an incredible project requires so much more than the ability to simply produce, write, direct and edit. Most media projects require a creative eye; an eye which can only be born from experience, identifying the best elements of each individual project to make it stand out and become successful.

Pixel Command: browser based video game.

SSQP: Interactive website we wrote, designed and assisted directed on video. CLICK PICK FOR LINK!


Protocol 424: Browser based E-learning video game we wrote, designed and produced. CLICK PIC FOR LINK!